And we’re ready to mess up a bit along the way.

At the heart of optimization — there is failure.

Every test has a loser. Every control can be better. We build our wins on top of our losses.

Welcome to the Optimize Everything Blog — where we share those losses, and the pretty cool things we’ve built out of them. It’s a window into our attempts to improve the world beyond the internet: our work culture, our communities, our time management, and our planet.

If you’re the type that’s always testing, always tinkering, and generally willing to chuckle at your mistakes — you’ll feel at home here. In our 7 years as a company, we’ve gone from startup zombie, to a tool the pros trust. And armed with new ways to manage, a heavy intake of caffeine, an unshakeable sense of humor, and the willingness to work hard — we’ve learned a lot.

We hope you’ll learn something too.

But more importantly, we hope you’ll share something — that you’ll comment, ask questions, criticize, and become a part of our community. So that we can lose and win and learn and make the world better — together.